Stone Ridge Custom Rocks

Custom rock engraving

About Us

Stone Ridge a locally owned and operated family business that has been operational for 15 years and counting. We are based out of south eastern Wisconsin and have a service area of about a 250 mile radius.

All of the engraving done on the stones is done freehand and will be different from rock to rock. The image to the right is what our engraving bench looks like when setup. Our engraver has setup the optimal layout for the text and images to fit on this unique piece.

People often ask what we use to engrave on our stones and we would like to keep that somewhat of a family secret. What we can tell you is we use a high powered grinder with a very robust tip to engrave.

We are often asked if our stones are real and the answer to that is YES. All of our stones are natural stone and not cement poured in rubber molds like our competitors’ products. We personally pick and sort all of our stone inventory to offer the most unique characteristics in each and every rock.

If you have any other questions Contact us or feel free to come to a show and ask questions.


Engraving Bench